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Isela Lozano
Behind the camera

In the world of big, extravagant events, I shine brightest in small, heartfelt occasions like intimate weddings and fun family gatherings. I believe that the true magic lies in those quiet, close-knit moments shared between couples and their loved ones. That's why I specialize in capturing the charming details and subtle nuances that make your day truly unique.

My approach is all about letting you relive your day exactly as it happened, without resorting to cookie-cutter images. Whether your celebration is an intimate backyard gathering or a big party, I specialize in creating visual stories that reflect the unique essence of your love. Together, we'll craft a lasting collection of photos that tell the wonderful story of your love – a collection you'll treasure for generations, allowing you to rekindle those beautiful feelings again and again.

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Stockton Wedding & event Photographer


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Gulneet & Shiv
"she WAS able to blend our vision with her artistic talent to create beautiful Pictures"

We desire to bring class and romance together into a beautiful harmony. 

Sarah & Noah
"We feel she goes above and beyond to capture the moments that matter the most"